We are an active community of young artists who empower ourselves through our live art market, workshops and community engagement. We are real artists, creating real culture with a real purpose



Prague Art Market is the only outdoor art market in the city. We are community of artists who are creating a unique kind of market. The artists are present so they can properly represent their work and connect with an international audience. Over half of the booths must be participatory and we will have live music all weekend long. We are creating an authentic atmosphere with quality art and a community feel.

See you there!


PAM is a team of young artist who unite to focus on personal growth, professional development,
and improving the atmosphere of outdoor arts culture in Prague. The artist participating this year are listed below.

KingDavis Caricatures!

Caricature Artist


Anna Radeva

Painter/Costume Designer

Ivan Jurečka

Vinyl Artist - Actor


Philip Sikora


Lukos Hey

Painter - musician


Tatiana Irbis

Painter - Stage & Costume Design

Trevor McDonald



Stephen Evonuk

Printmaker, Painter





Deaf Messanger

Grafitti Artist, Bookmaker



Nuts & Bolts (Application Info for Artists)


You! and thousands of potential buyers.


The best outdoor art market in Europe! We will have live music/performance and live art all weekend long.

What do I get as an artist?

Access to an international audience, connection to an international tribe of working artists, benefits of our local marketing campaign, listing on our webpage and exposure on our social media outlets, overnight security for your work, Some artists will be selected for interviews and be featured on our YouTube channel.


The Grand Opening will be May 14th-15th


Uhelny Trh (the Coal Market), Prague 1


To sell and promote your work, face-to-face with a global audience and join a community of international artists. Power to the ARTISTS!

How long?

2 full days – Saturday & Sunday 9-19h

How much?

We provide the tent +set-up breakdown - 2X2m = 3500Kč (140euro).
You provide the tent +set-up/breakdown – 3X3m = 4500 Kč (170euro)
FOR PEOPLE BRINGIN THIER OWN TENTS: Due to security reasons you absolutely MUST bring your own weights to secure your tent or you will be subject to expulsion from the market without refund. It is wise to bring walls for your tent in case of rain or heavy wind.

How do I sign up?

Step 1) Fill in the form below.
Step 2) Send us an example of your current work AT LEAST 30 DAYS PRIOR TO THE EVENT. This work should reflect what you’ll intend to sell. The example can be on your website or a digital package sent via-e-mail. The package or website should contain a short biography about you and your work and picture of you that we can use for promotional materials.
Step 3) Wait. I know right? This part sucks  but we will get back to you ASAP to let you know whether you are approved or not. If you are approved we will send you a welcome package and a link to pay. PAYMENT MUST BE MADE WITHIN 7 DAYS OF APPROVAL. If not approved you will be notified via e-mail with an “A” for effort :)


This market is first come first serve. There are only 23 open spots and they will go quickly due to popularity of the location and the density of tourists in this area. Apply quickly. Even if you are not approved, we will do our best to advise you on how to get in next time. If you are new to Prague or the outdoor market place, don’t worry, we love to welcome and help new people!


Do you need anything? - Feel free to visit us or contact us below!

We are currently accepting artists and sponsorship proposals

Samuel KingDavis

Executive Director

Jaroslav Šindelář

Business Director

Shawn Basey

Musical and Performance Director

Aneta Čamová